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Scan Entire Markets to Find the Best Stocks
The scanner allows members to search for securities based on up to 20 criteria such as Earnings Per Share, PE Ratio, Monthly High and Monthly Low across all the major exchanges. For example, users can find all stocks on the NASDAQ and NYSE with Earnings Per Share greater than 10, a PE Ratio less than 10 and that have a 5 day moving average greater than the 20 day moving average
To start scanning for the best stocks, simply click on your preferred exchanges listed below. Searches can be restricted to a single exchange or if a more thorough search is what you require click on any number of the global exchanges below to personalise your search.
Add Rule
Once you’ve chosen the exchanges you want to search through, it’s now time to ‘add a rule’ by entering one of the 27 different parameters such as PE, Earnings Per Share or Monthly High and attach that to either a value or another parameter. For example, if you’re looking to find all stocks with PE Ratio greater than 3 on the NASDAQ; click on NASDAQ under ‘exchanges’, PE in the first ‘parameter’ box, is greater than or equal to in the ‘condition’ box and the number 3 in the ‘value’ box.
It’s possible to make your search more specific by adding up to 20 ‘rules’. Once you have added your desired number of ‘rules’, simply click on the ‘run scan’ button for a personalised search for interesting trading ideas.
My Scans
Click on the ‘save scan’ button above to save any of your previous scans. Once this is done, give your saved scan a name in the pop up box and you won’t have to re-enter it when you visit the Scanner section on your next visit.


Create a Watchlist to Track the Performance of Stocks You Would Like to Keep an Eye On
Create a watchlist to track securities across every major exchange with live streaming data such as highs, lows, daily change and volume traded. Track the NASDAQ by adding your favourite stocks from that exchange or create a bespoke watchlist to track a global portfolio by adding your favourite stocks across all the major global stock exchanges.
New Watchlist
Creating a new watchlist to track your favourite stocks is simple; enter your new watchlist name in the box and then click on the ‘add symbol’ button. Once the pop up box appears choose the exchange that the stock is traded on and enter its symbol to add it to your new watchlist.

Trading Systems

Build a Personalised Trading System
Users can create a trading system that will attach to their Watchlists and their Portfolios with this system buying/selling securities based on specified criteria such as Earnings Per Share, PE Ratio, Moving Average or Parabolic SAR. Click on ‘Add New’ to create your own personalised trading system. Receive email alerts when any of the specified criteria have been met.
Create a Trading System
Prepare your own trading system below to make it easy to buy/sell securities from your personalised Portfolio. Use up to 20 parameters to create any number of rules and use the ‘Auto Trade’ function to place a trade when any of these ‘rules’ have been met or receive an email alert if you wish to do this manually. Give you trading system a name and description, enter the maximum number of symbols you want in your personalised trading system, whether or not you want the system to be in auto trade mode and the commission fees that your broker charges for each trade.
Auto Run
By checking the box Portfoliosharing will enact your “run” every hour. Leave it blank to do it yourself manually.
In this section type in the commission fees that your broker charges to enact each trade. If he charges a flat fee enter that amount in the value box and if he charges a percentage of the total number enter that value in the percentage box.
Enter Long, Exit Long, Enter Short, Exit Short
Once all the required information has been entered in the Create Trading System section, add your chosen parameter, the corresponding condition and either a matching parameter or a value. Enter Long/Exit Long/Enter Short/Exit Short refer to the positions that you are currently holding that stock in (i.e. long or short) and the trade that will be enacted should one of your ‘runs’ be realised (enter = buy and exit = sell)
Trading Systems in Use
Once you’ve created a trading system by clicking on ‘add new’ and entering the details of your new system, attach this below to your desired watchlist and portfolio. Click on ‘run’ in order to start running this trading system. Attach a number of different trading systems to have them running simultaneously.


Create Personalised Portfolios to Track the Performance of the Stocks You Own
Create any number of Portfolios with the stocks that you currently own. Portfolio’s can be across all the major exchanges and the user can create bespoke portfolio’s which include detailed analysis such as comparative performance, holdings by value and sector as well as by gain/loss. Streaming live data gives users real time portfolio values and performance.
Create New Portfolio
It’s simple to create a new portfolio. Click on the ‘Create New Portfolio’ button and when the pop up box appears enter the name of your personalised portfolio, the cash balance, currency used and whether or not this is a virtual or an actual portfolio.
Click on the “Buy/Sell/Dividend” button to buy a stock and add it to your portfolio, or alternatively sell or receive a dividend from one of the stocks in your portfolios. Once you’ve entered the portfolio and entered the security and the transaction you would like to enact, simply enter the quantity and the brokerage costs and the rest will be done for you.
All Portfolios/Portfolio Name/Portfolio 1 etc
Receive performance data and sector holdings/breakdown for your portfolios as a whole or receive portfolio specific portfolio performance/breakdown by clicking on that individual portfolio.
Analyse your portfolio further by ‘exporting’ portfolio performance to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Data exported to Microsoft Excel will include detailed performance analysis of each security held in your portfolio.
Delete Portfolio
Click on the red cross under 'Performance Summary' to delete a portfolio.
Delete Symbol
Click on the red cross under each portfolio tab to delete an individual stock from your portfolio.
Edit Portfolio
Edit the cash balance and currency used in any of your portfolios by clicking on ‘edit’ under Performance Summary
Edit Transactions/Symbol figures
Edit your existing transactions by clicking on ‘edit’ under each portfolio tab.
View Quote, Chart and News
Click on this icon to view quotes, charts and news for each particular stock in your portfolio. Highlights include the ability to remove the stock from your watchlist, buy/sell/receive a dividend for that stock, add an email alert, receive real time quotes and get specific news on each particular stock.


Receive Alerts on Specified Stocks
Effectively track the performance of specified stocks in your Portfolio by adding an alert based on various parameters. Be alerted when a certain stock‘s daily volume exceeds a chosen amount, when its 5 Day Moving Average exceeds its 20 Day Moving Average or vice versa. Use this section to be alerted to possible trading opportunities.
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